Here are some blends that have no purpose besides honing my skills.

Here is my rendition of King Kai from the cartoon Dragon Ball Z. It is my first model with a face on it. It was also the first time I used to compositor.

This one was supposed to be an eagle head on the side of a dam. I tried to make it more man made looking. It is also one of the first things we used on our 3D tv.

Here is a desert scene.

Here is a blend I made a long time ago when I was working with grass.

Here is a face I have been working on. It is far from finished but I thought I would put it on because I am very proud of it.

Bump mapping is my friend.

Here is a model of The Engineer from the game TF2 and some of his sentry guns. I did all of the modeling and Nick DeReus from Boone did the bones and posing.

Here is something I made after I saw this Youtube video:

I wanted to do something Mario themed so.. here it is.

Here’s something else I did with the Engineer.

The creature on the right is an Ood from Doctor Who.

Here is a kind of augmented reality I did.

This is a video I did of the Engineer lip syncing to a song.


Here is a character from Super Paper Mario.